Energy storage patent search and technology exchange

A comprehensive energy storage patent database with English machine translations

  • Our database contains more than 1.3 Mio. battery, fuel cell & capacitor related patent documents from across the world, with English machine translations of titles and abstracts if no English version is available for a patent family.
  • This graphic shows where battery patents in our database were filed (years 1990-1999 are not plotted, but are available).

    Origin of battery patents published since the year 2000

Cool solutions for the energy storage community

  • Collaboration between researchers
  • allows for identification of energy storage technology components and services that are made available according to specified technology transfer terms.
  • Systematic screening of high energy or high power material combinations will be facilitated by increased visibility of potential partners.
  • A peer-review process will allow for identification of high quality suppliers.
  • The first 50 organisations who enter a free collaboration request during this initial phase will be acknowledged with 10 contact information exchange credits for future use.