Energy storage innovation & patent reviews

  • Energy storage innovation & patent reviews assess the 'patent portfolio readiness level' (PPRL) of different organisations in emerging technologies, such as solid-state batteries.
  • Combining our deep industrial energy storage know-how with a proprietary machine learning approach to identify the commercially most relevant patents, we are able to make superior estimates of time-to-market for new technologies, and of the key roadblocks that still have to be overcome.
  • The analysis can easily be taken to the granular level of individual patent families.
  • Links to publicly available information (such as trade reports, press releases and product pages) are also included in the reviews.
  • An excerpt from the general module is shown below:

    Image Preview Energy Storage Innovation & Patent Review
  • Individual modules - energy storage innovation & patent review

  • - Supercapacitors (92 pages)
    - Solid-state electrolytes (86 pages)
    - High energy positive Li-ion battery electrodes (93 pages)
    - High energy negative Li-ion battery electrodes (>50 pages, in preparation)
    - Li-sulfur batteries (>40 pages, in preparation)