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Energy storage innovation & patent reviews

  • In energy storage innovation & patent reviews, the proximity to commercialization and key risk factors are assessed for various companies, such as in solid-state Li-ion batteries.
  • Decision tree analyses illustrate technological routes pursued by different companies towards prospective product launches.

    Decision Tree – Nano-Si Active Materials for Li-ion Batteries (Synthetic Processes)
  • Based on analyzing patent portfolios and news releases by key players, processes are projected that could potentially be used to prepare next-generation energy storage products, such as anode and cathode active materials.

    Process Projection for LMFP cathode material
  • Our reviews contain diagrams that visualize how multiple material components (such as solid electrolytes) can be combined to satisfy well-rounded performance targets in next generation batteries and fuel cells.

    Potential Synergies Between Solid Electrolyte Types: 1) Oxides or Phosphates and 2) Polymers