Energy storage patent search & monitoring

Hot cause - accelerate energy storage technology development

  • Why do batteries improve more slowly than other technologies?
  • Batteries and supercapacitors consist of several components that are manufactured by different organisations.

    Battery interfaces

    With increasing energy density, these components exhibit rising interdependencies, which means that only very few high energy material combinations will lead to viable energy storage systems.
  • An accurate and timely understanding of the global patent literature allows researchers to develop components that interface well with each other in emerging value chains of breakthrough technologies.

Cool solutions for the energy storage community

  • Machine learning-based patent search

  • Our ML-based patent search allows for machine ranking of large result sets according to commercial relevancy with respect to a specific technical field, such as 'lithium-ion batteries - positive electrode'.
  • Substantial time savings are possible because the most important results are displayed first.
  • Our ML models are based on thousands of human-curated patents, which leads to superior relevancy ratings.
  • Google and translations further increase situational awareness, specifically with respect to patents filed in Asia.
  • This use case illustrates the concept.
  • Triweekly patent reports & strategic reviews

  • Triweekly patent reports contain timely overviews of the commercially most important new patent families in a certain field, such as lithium-sulfur batteries.
  • Selected examples from the patent body are included in triweekly patent reports, illustrating in detail how new inventions are practiced.
  • Strategic reviews contain maps of the IP footprint of industrial players. Positioning with respect to key forks in the energy storage roadmap can be quantified, such as solid vs. liquid electrolytes.
  • Check out a preview of our triweekly patent reports and of our strategic patent reviews.

Battery Technology Show London

Please come to our booth D21 at the Battery Technology Show in London for a product demo.
We will join the breakout discussion 'Battery Technology: A Global View' (23.10., 10:30).

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    - full triweekly patent reports according to your choice for 2 months
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