Battery patent search and technology exchange

  • Hot cause - accelerate battery development
  • The rate of battery improvement has slowed down to 3-5% per year.1, 2, 3
  • Why do batteries improve more slowly than other technologies?
  • Batteries consist of several components that are manufactured by different organisations.

    battery interfaces

    With increasing energy density, these components exhibit rising interdependencies, which means that only very few high energy material combinations will lead to stable battery cycling.
  • To come up with inventive breakthroughs, battery researchers need to achieve high situational awareness to identify suitable combinations of high energy battery components that lead to strong performance.

  • Cool solution - facilitated collaboration between researchers
  • allows for identification of battery technology components and services that are made available according to specified technology transfer terms.
  • Systematic screening of battery material combinations will be facilitated by increased visibility of potential partners.
  • A peer-review process will allow for identification of high quality suppliers.
  • The first 50 organisations who enter a free collaboration request during this initial phase will be acknowledged with a box of Swiss chocolate pralinĂ©s and 5 contact information exchange credits for future use.

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