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Battery and fuel cells patent monitoring

Hot cause - accelerate energy storage technology development

  • Why do batteries and fuel cells improve more slowly than other technologies?
  • Batteries and fuel cells consist of several components that are manufactured by different organizations.

    With increasing energy density and performance, these components exhibit rising interdependencies, which means that only very few material combinations will lead to viable energy storage systems.
  • An accurate understanding of the global patent literature accelerates R&D and improves the market posititioning for new products.

Cool solutions for the energy storage community

  • Innovation reviews & triweekly patent updates

  • Innovation & patent reviews contain assessments that allow for predictions of time-to-market for new technologies and identification of key roadblocks.
  • We discuss why specific inventions could allow for breakthroughs in terms of performance or process efficiency.
  • Triweekly patent updates contain discussions of the commercially most relevant new patent families.

  • Machine learning-based patent search

  • Our ML-based patent search allows for machine ranking of patents according to commercial relevance.
  • Our subscriptions include Excel files with patent families of high commercial relevance in a certain category.

  • The b-science.net team covers key capabilities:

  • Battery R&D and commercialization experience, as illustrated by granted patents and market introductions of new products.
  • Coverage of fuel cells and electrolyzers together with the specialized consultancy Enabled Future.

  • An international user base

  • Our customers include companies of different size (startups to Fortune Global 500 enterprises), public research institutes and VC investors, based in America, Asia and Europe.

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